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IUBMB Lecturer: 

Enrico Di Cera,
Dept of Biochemistry and Mol Biology, Saint Louis University School of Medicine


Jannette Carey, Princeton, jcarey@princeton.edu: seminars on ligand-binding theory; lecture on electrophoretic mobility-shift analysis; UV extinction coefficient lab practical tutor; backup ITC lab practical tutor; general oversight of all laboratory practicals

Wei-Feng Xue, Kent, W.F.Xue@kent.ac.uk: workshop on global and computational analysis; isothermal titration calorimetry lab practical tutor; general oversight of all laboratory practicals

David Witte, Munich, David.Witte@nanotemper.de and Jakub Nowak, Jakub.Nowak@nanotempertech.com: lecture on microscale thermophoresis; microscale thermophoresis lab practical tutor

Andrzej Gorecki, Jagiellonian, andrzej.gorecki@uj.edu.pl: lecture on fluorescence methods; fluorescence spectroscopy lab practical tutor

Ondrej Vanek, Charles University, ondrej.vanek@natur.cuni.cz: lecture on analytical ultracentrifugation; lecture on surface plasmon resonance; surface plasmon resonance lab practical tutor

Michael Webb, Leeds University, m.e.webb@leeds.ac.uk: lecture on isothermal titration calorimetry; isothermal titration calorimetry lab practical tutor


Alan Cooper, University of Glasgow, Scotland, U.K., alan.cooper@glasgow.ac.uk: plenary speaker

Alexander Büll
, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Alexander.Buell@uni-duesseldorf.de: quartz crystal microbalance

Martine Cadene, CNRS Orléans, martine.cadene@cnrs-orleans.fr: mass spectrometry methods in ligand binding

Teresa Carlomagno, EMBL Heidelberg and Leibniz University Hannover, teresa.carlomagno@oci.uni-hannover.de: protein NMR methods in ligand binding

Helge Schnerr, Pall ForteBio LLC, Fremont, CA, helge_schnerr@pall.com: biolayer interferometry


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    1 January 2018
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    15 March 2018
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    2 May 2018

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