Organizing Committee

Jannette Carey, Ph.D.

Princeton University
Princeton NJ 08544 USA

Professor Carey has over twenty-five years’ experience in applying and teaching ligand-binding theory with graduate, post-graduate, and advanced undergraduate students at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA. She has developed a simple treatment that is proven to reach students with a wide range of backgrounds, giving them the skills to design and analyze ligand-binding experiments. She also co-chaired the Gordon Conference on Biopolymers in 1994, and chaired the Gordon Conference on Biomolecular Interactions in 1996. She holds a prestigious position as visiting scientist of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic at Nove Hrady, and has participated since 2006 as a speaker and/or tutor in the FEBS practical and lecture course, Advanced methods in macromolecular crystallography. She initiated and organized the first FEBS practical and lecture course devoted to Ligand binding in 2014. As in 2014 and 2016, she will act as lecturer for the lessons on ligand-binding theory, as tutor for the UV practical, as a second tutor for the ITC practical, and as a general tutor overseeing all the laboratory practicals of the course. Additionally, this time she will give a general lecture about applications of electrophoretic mobility shift in ligand binding.

Rüdiger Ettrich, Ph.D.

Institute of Microbiology
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Zamek 136
37333 Nove Hrady, CZECH REPUBLIC 

Professor Ettrich heads the Center for Nanobiology and Structural Biology in Nove Hrady. His research is focused on the relationship between structure and function of proteins, dynamic changes related to functional processes, and the mutual interaction of cofactors and subunits in protein complexes. The research approach uses diverse research methods with a synthesis of theory and experiment. Rüdiger Ettrich is coordinating several multidisciplinary research projects and has an extensive network of international collaborators. He is a long-time collaborator of the co-organizer of this course, Prof. Jannette Carey from Princeton University. His research laboratories will accommodate the course practicals using his instruments for ITC, SPR, and UV-vis and fluorescence spectroscopies. Together with Prof. Carey and Prof. Xue he organized the 2014 and 2016 FEBS practical and lecture course devoted to Ligand-binding. 


Wei-Feng Xue, Ph.D.

School of Biosciences
University of Kent
CT2 7NJ, 

Prof. Xue is a senior lecturer in Chemical Biology at the University of Kent and an expert in all aspects of ligand-binding theory and applications, particularly with the experimental and computational methods to be offered on this course. He has been a collaborator of Prof. Carey for over fifteen years. As in 2014 and 2016, he will act as tutor for the computational sessions held during the lecture period of the course, as primary tutor for the ITC practical, and as a general tutor overseeing all the laboratory practicals of the course together with Prof. Carey.

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